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About Us - Anigrand Craftswork is a manufacturer of quality resin model kits established in Hong Kong since 2002. We specialize in unusual, experimental, and conceptual aircraft and spacecraft. Most of these subjects have never been kitted before and today can only be found under the Anigrand brand name.

Our Products - All our model kits feature quality polyurethane resin parts as well as transparent vacuum formed canopies and custom waterslide decals. Each comes in a package featuring custom color box art.

Mail-Order - We accept international mail-order. The easiest way to make payment is by credit card on-line through PayPal. Or you can send us an International Money Order, cash in U.S. Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros or Japanese Yen by registered letter. To order model kit from us is simple and Tax-Free!

Delivery - We use air-mail postal services for package deliveries. We normally ship twice per week. Hong Kong postage is cheap and delivery is fast. The shipping charges listed in the catalog apply worldwide. We gladly send a package as "gift" upon request.

Trade / wholesale - Trade / wholesale inquiries are welcome. To place an order, or make a trade / wholesale inquiry, please send us an e-mail at: email@anigrand.com for the details and conditions.


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Latest Updates

Apr-4th-2019, 1/72 Sikorsky XPBS-1 has been released.


Jan-23th-2019:: New items, 1/72 BAE Tempest II  has been released.



Nov-28th-2018: Future items, 1/72 BAE Tempest II added in our Future releases page.


Nov-28th-2018:: New items, 1/72 Kugisho MXY-6 has been released.


Nov-28th-2018:: New items, 1/72 McDonnell M119 has been released.


Next Coming Item

1/72 resin model kit


Planned release date at:


Any comment & suggestion?

If you have any comment about us (our products and/or our web-pages), or if you have any suggestion of aircraft model you would like to see, please email us or drop a line on our subscription form at any time. We are open and would be glad to know about your though!



Information of the real aircrafts - In our web-page of the items, you would not only check the details about the model kits, but you would also find the information of the real aircraft, such like its history, specification and photos. Check them from our catalog pages.


Our Principles - Fill the "Gaps" to Make Modelers & Collectors Dreams Come True

We are modelers too! And like as most aviation model builders and collectors, we like to display our favorite types of aircraft models in groups, such as "Century fighters",  "X-planes", "Post-war jet bombers", "Naval attackers", "V/STOLs", etc.

So many "least-known" aircrafts became gap-of-the-series in plastic models, as many major model kit manufacturers could not spent money to tool those in production without profits. Custom made them in resin casting is the way to serve. So we found Anigrand Craftswork.

Other business from Anigrand Craftswork

Custom made resin model / master

Our model workshop offer experience to create custom model kit. We can produce resin model or parts as either one-offs or as limited production runs service. Click here for more details.

Sci-fi Dynamics : serious for sci-fi modelers

Our sister brand, Sci-fi Dynamics, was set up to provide resin model kits of sci-fi subjects. All items come with overwhelming details. To enter Sci-fi Dynamics catalog, click here.


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