1/48 scale Chengdu J-20 - Fifth-generation stealth fighter prototype

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#AA-8001   1/48 scale  Chengdu J-20  Fifth-generation stealth fighter prototype


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features

95 resin parts


Span 267 mm


Length 440 mm


Unit price: US$168

Shipping charge: US$30

Each model kit contents 1 sheet of decal. Extra decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft History and Specification

In late 1990s, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force launched the stealth fighter program, Western intelligence applied the codename J-XX. The Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group was selected to be the main contractor for the development. In 2009, the China Air Force commander confirmed that the development of the stealth fighter prototype that designated J-20 was ongoing. No any imagery's of the J-20 prototype came out until it underwent high speed taxing tests in late 2010, considering that the program was kept in high secrecy. The J-20 made its first flight on 11 January 2011. The PLA have not disclosed the engine type. There are claims that the Russians supplied super-cruise capable 117S series engines. As the engine nozzles were clearly non-stealthy, this may be due to the fact that the final "fifth generation" engines had not been completed. The J-20 is expected to use a AESA radar, which should have Low Probability of Intercept modes. The U.S. Department of Defense expects China to have the production fighters in service between 2020 and 2025.









Technology demonstrator

To develop one or more fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft



2x Shenyang WS-10G turbofan engine

Mach 1.5 (estimated)


none on prototype


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