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#AA-3005   1/144 scale  Bell X-14A, X-22A, Hiller X-18, Curtiss X-19  X-planes VTOL special set


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features

166 resin parts


Clear resin canopies, decal



Unit price: US$78

Shipping charge: US$12

Each model kit contents 1 set of decal. Extra decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft Specification











Experimental VTOL assault transport aircraft

To research VTOL configuration

34ft.10in.(X-14A) / 39ft.4in.(X-22A) / 48ft.(X-18) / 21ft.6in.(X-19)

25ft.(X-14A) / 39ft.7in.(X-22A) / 63ft.(X-18) / 44ft.5in.(X-19)

2x Armstrong Siddeley Viper-8 turbojet engine (X-14A)

4x General Electric YT58-GE-8D shaft turbine (X-22A)

2x Allison YT40-A-14 turboprop engine (X-18)

2x Lycomimg T55-L-5 turbo-shaft (X-19)

172mph(X-14A) / 445mph(X-22A) / 253mph(X-18) / 454mph(X-19)

1(X-14A) / 2(X-22A,X-18,X-19)


Model References

The X-planes VTOL special set package contents bonus kits of the 1/144 LTV XC-142:

The Bell X-14A, X-22A, Hiller X-18, Curtiss-Wright X-19 are suitable to group with the following collection series.

U.S. Experimantal aircraft "X-Planes"

Bell X-1

Bell X-2

Douglas X-3 Stilletto

Northrop X-4 Bantam

Bell X-5

Convair X-6

Lockheed X-7

Aerojet General X-8 Aerobee

Bell X-9 Shrike

North Ameriacn X-10

Convair X-11 Atlas A

Convair X-12 Atlas B

Ryan X-13 Vertijet

Bell X-14

Northrop American X-15

Bell X-16 Bald Eagle

Lockheed X-17

Hiller X-18

Curtiss-Wright X-19

Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar

Northrop X-21A

Bell X-22A

Martin Mariette X-23A PRIME

Martin Mariette X-24A/B

Bensen X-25

Schweizer X-26A / Lockheed X-26B Q-Star

Lockheed X-27 Lancer

Pereira X-28A Osprey

Grumman X-29A

Boeing X-30A

Rockwell International / MBB X-31A

Boeing X-32A

Lockheed X-33A

Orbital Sciences X-34

Lockheed Martin X-35A

Boeing X-36

Boeing X-37

Scale-Composites X-38 CRV

X-39 (unknown)

Boeing X-40A

Boeing X-41 CAV

Orbital Sciences X-42 Pop-up Upper stage

Micro Craft X-43A Hyper-X

Lockheed Martin / NASA X-44 Manta

Boeing X-45A UAV

Boeing X-46

Northrop Grumman X-47 Pegasus

Boeing / NASA X-48

X-49 (unknown)

Boeing / DARPA X-50 Dragonfly

Boeing X-51A

X-52 (unknown)


U.S. Navy Experimantal aircraft